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How To Get Your Competition Fired

How To Get Your Competition Fired

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How to Get Your Competition Fired is the-must-read-book for any sales professional that is looking to make their job a career.  Based on the Wedge Sales Culture, this book, by best-selling author, Randy Schwantz, reminds sales professionals that there are THREE people in any sales engagement - the prospect, the salesperson, and the current vendor - and teaches how to use the wedge sales techniques to remove competition so YOU win more business.


In this book you will learn:

A six-step plan for driving a wedge between the competition and the customer


For sales people, convincing a potential customer to choose them over the competition is no easy task, and especially when the competition already has the account. Finally, How to Get Your Competition Fired shows readers a proven system for breaking the relationship between the competition and the customer. Randy Schwantz’s method, The Wedge(r), includes a six-step plan that drives a “wedge” between the competition and the customer. He shows how to reveal the competition’s shortcomings without seeming to, letting prospects decide independently to dump their current provider, exclude other competitors and, finally, switch to the salesperson’s product or service. Offering real tactics, not just theory, this is the only sales strategy that really works to break the relationship between customers and the competition and bring in more business, faster than ever.


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PART I The Strategy to Win

1 The Wedge

2 Finding Your Winning Differences

PART II The Tactics That Work

3 The Wedge Sales Call

4 Discovering the Pain-The Problem Phase

5 Proposing a Remedy-The Solution Phase

6 Getting Your Competition Fired-The Commitment Phase

PART III Changing the Way Selling Is Done

7 Individual Success

8 The Wedge Sales Culture

9 For Buyers Only

10 For Current Providers Only

11 The Wedge Flight Plan: A Quick Review



About the Author





Randy SchwantzRANDY SCHWANTZ, author of three previous books on selling, is President of The Wedge® Group, a business performance and sales consulting firm headquartered near Dallas, Texas. A former salesperson himself, Schwantz has spent more than 10,000 hours talking with people who sell for a living. His unique sales strategy, The Wedge, has been embraced by hundreds of companies and thousands of individual sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada. He and his wife, Lori, live with their four daughters near Dallas.

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