The Wedge Workshop

In 2 days, learn the sales process for insurance producers to win by B.O.R.

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Workshop Strategies You'll Takeaway:

  • Know where you are strong and your competition is weak – which leads to how the prospect is being underserved.
  • Learn a process to exploit the competition’s weakness to get the prospect to see how they are being underserved by the incumbent, leading to their “pain”.
  • Use that “pain” to break the relationship between your prospect and the incumbent.
  • Test the prospect’s ability to fire the incumbent and hire you, before investing time developing a proposal.

Day 1:

  • The Wedge: Objective
  • How Is Your Company Better?
  • 3 Major Components of Business
  • What Motivates People
  • Ladder of Abstraction
  • Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Day 2:

  • Locating Your Prospect's Hidden Pain
  • Know Your Competition
  • Developing Your Pre-Call
  • Strategy
  • Knowledge is Power - Four Levels of Knowing
  • Games and Zones
  • Rules of The Wedge®
  • The Wedge Sales Process®
  • Role-Play-- The Wedge®
  • The Rehearsal Steps
  • Conclusion